Global Methodist Church Receives 252 Petitions for San Jose Conference

Dianne Burnett

The Global Methodist Church (GMC) is actively preparing for its upcoming Convening General Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, having received a total of 252 petitions proposing legislation for action by delegates. The deadline for submission of petitions was May 23.

Among these petitions, 59 are labeled as editorial, making minor changes in the paragraphs of the Book of Doctrines and Discipline that are not substantive but are necessary because of substantive changes that may be adopted impacting other disciplinary paragraphs.

The petitions filed represent a diverse array of voices, with 45 different petitioners contributing to the dialogue. Individual members of the Global Methodist Church have submitted 53 petitions, while local churches have submitted 32 petitions. It's noteworthy that less than half of the petitions come from the Transition Leadership Council (TLC).

"With this diverse array of petitions, we see the commitment of our members and entities to shaping the future of our church," said Petitions Secretary Lamar Oliver. "Their engagement is encouraging and shows how people are truly looking forward to a hope-filled future for the Global Methodist Church."

In addition to individual and local church submissions, general church transitional commissions have presented four petitions, and annual conference entities have filed 36 petitions.

The GM Church is committed to transparency as petitions are considered. Updates on the petition process will continue to be provided as petitions are evaluated for compliance with the requirements established by the Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline and determinations are made on whether each petition is within the limited agenda set forth in the Plan of Organization and Covenant of Our Life Together, ensuring stakeholders are kept informed every step of the way. Petitions will be translated into the official languages of the Convening General Conference – English, French, Kiswahili, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Thereafter the content of the petitions will be accessible for review by all interested persons.

With the May 23 deadline for petition submissions now past, each petition will be referred to one of seven legislative committees – Conferences, Connectional Organization, Constitution, Episcopacy and Superintendency, Financial Administration, Judicial Administration, and Ministry and Local Church -- for consideration before they are presented to a plenary session of the Convening General conference composed of all delegates. This marks the beginning of a structured evaluation process ahead of the Convening General Conference, where decisions regarding the proposed petitions will be made.

Convening General Conference Worship Team Volunteers Needed

The Convening General Conference Worship Team is seeking volunteer musicians to assist in worship in San Jose, Costa Rica September 18-26, 2024.  We have a need for full-conference musicians and partial-conference musicians.  All participants will pay their own expenses and will make their own hotel accommodations (we will help you with local knowledge and guidance for booking).  In addition to assisting in worship, there may be mission opportunities available during your trip. Interested parties should be professional musicians of the highest skill level and must have a collaborative and joyful Christ-centered spirit.

Experienced Volunteers Needed:

  • Choir Members
  • String Players
  • Woodwinds Players
  • Brass Players
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Player
  • Drummer
  • In-Ear/Track Specialist
  • Classical Pianist

Please contact Dr. Sterling Allen at to apply and include video recordings of you playing in worship and a brief explanation of your experience.