Petition Portal Open for Upcoming Convening General Conference

Dianne Burnett

Deadline for Submissions is May 23, 2024

The Global Methodist Church is now accepting petitions for consideration at the denomination’s convening General Conference, taking place September 20-26, 2024 , in San Jose, Costa Rica. Petitions may be submitted by the Transitional Leadership Council, the provisional annual conferences, member congregations, and individuals who are members of the GM Church. Petitions submitted by individuals must also be signed by at least ten other lay or clergy members of the GM Church. The deadline for submission of petitions is close of business on Friday, May 23, 2024. Petitions are to be submitted electronically via the convening conference website or by clicking here.

For a petition to be valid, it must pertain to a single issue, unless multiple paragraphs are closely related and a change in one affects the others. In such an instance, a petition may call for amendment of all related paragraphs to ensure consistency. Petitions that deal with multiple paragraphs and do not meet this criterion will be deemed invalid.

Composite petitions that meet the criteria outlined above will not be separated into smaller parts, so please ensure your petition is focused and concise. If you have any questions or need assistance with the petition process, please contact the

Petitions Secretary, Rev. Lamar Oliver at